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Our Upgrades, Land Conservation, & Missionary Goals - $7,000,000.00 USD

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Our Upgrades, Land Conservstion, & Missionary GOALS 


I am Simply Lode of #ThinkFreshWellnessTV. Our plans are to use your investment for updating our birthing suite equipment and to purchase a mobile maternal wellness facility... our Maternal Wellness Wagon! I am thankful that I am one of VERY few people with my knowledge base and experience in my field. However, In order for me to be effective in the state of Gerogia, our Mothers require access to maternal care in the rural areas. This will be the mission of the Maternal Wellness Wagon. To assist one mother at a time in rural Georgia.

As the world of medicine is adapting to TeleMed... virtual appointments and consultations; I need to update my equipment and technology to provide the highest quality of services. I aimed for success and thanks to the resourcefulness of my Board of Directors, we are successful. I am one of the best Holistic Wellness practitioners in the Southeastern, United States. Now I aim to bring my best practices to the GLOBAL community. For your contributions, I give thanks!. 

I am a specialist with over 19 years experience in Athletic Training & Sports Medicine as well as 21 years experience as a Traditional Birth Worker & Early Childhood Education Provider. The #ThinkFreshWellness Labor & Home Birthing Suites are nestled in rural Henry County, GA on the #GullahNaturePreserve. We serve as an international place of natural remedy & therapies, organic life essentials, counseling/education, + holistic birth & postpartum doula services. I invite you to browse my socials, below. However, we have an opportunity to register our 14 acre retreat space as a Certified National Wildlife Habitat! This requires a bit of land conservation projects and updates to the property that will allow for us to be in harmony with the land and nature. 

Lastly, 2025 is home to The Carbon Upgrade Retreat and International Wellness Missionary Tour! Help us make this retreat a success by contributing. It is my goal to connect and work organically with both local governments and community leaders in efforts to assist and equip their respective communities with quality, authentic, and organic wellness modalities based upon my 26 years of Qualitative Research and Study of both, the Touch & Mirroring Empathetic Healing Techniques to combat the rise in Postpartum Psychosis and symptoms throughout the African diaspora.

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